What to Expect – DUI Penalties

Many cities across the country are increasing DUI patrols for the 4th of July. Increased patrols generally result in increased arrests. It is not unusual for people charged with a DUI to be completely unfamiliar with the legal system.   If you have never before found yourself involved in the legal system, you likely have many questions, but your primary concern is likely the potential consequences associated with a DUI.

Under Colorado law, any alcohol or drug related driving offense, which means a DUI or DWAI, is punishable by jail time and probation. The amount of jail time depends on many factors, including your blood alcohol level (BAC), whether you have any priors and, if so, how long ago you were convicted of those priors. In certain sitiations, jail is mandatory, but not always. In Colorado, probation is always required if you are convicted of a DUI or DWAI. There are certain things that the judge must impose in every case as part of probation.  These requirements include:

1.  Alcohol education and therapy: the level of education and therapy depends on a number of different factors, but some level of education and therapy will be required in every case. For example, Level II education 24 hours completed over the course of 12 weeks.  After completing Level II education, you may be required to complete therapy. The amount of therapy varies depending on the track assigned.  The therapy ranges from 42 to 86 hours.

2.  Community service hours

3.  Victim impact panel

These consequences are serious, costly and time consuming. These consequences do not include collateral consequences, such as the impact on your driver’s license, employment issues, immigration consequences and the like. Facing these consequences without the help of an attorney is risky. Whether you find yourself involved in the legal system for the first time or find yourself back in the system facing more serious consequences, please contact us. Please visit our prior blog posts about finding the best DUI attorney for you.

For additional information regarding education and therapy, see the following link: