No Warrant for Von Miller; Still No License

Latest Von Miller brouhaha something from nothing for Broncos LB

09/12/2013 6:22 PM

Gee, Von Miller. Uh, what’s happening?

That warrant supposedly issued to Miller by the state of California for not showing up in court on a speeding ticket? Turns out there was no warrant, according to Miller’s agent and the Orange County district attorney’s office. Turns out the ticket was paid and the case closed shortly after the initial court date.

“I wasn’t sure,” said Susan Schroeder, spokeswoman for the Orange County district attorney. “We make mistakes. My punishment for it is I’m getting a hundred phone calls today.”

Not that Miller, the Broncos’ beleaguered pass-rushing linebacker, isn’t guilty of getting another traffic ticket, or, once again, not attending to the speeding violation in a timely manner.

But it was the warrant that turned this infraction into headlines.

It all started Wednesday evening when Dallas Fort-Worth television station CBS11 reported Miller had an active bench warrant in California for not showing in court on his traffic ticket. Miller was ticketed in California in March, 2012. He missed his court date in July of 2012. A judge ruled Miller would have to forfeit his bail, a common practice for out-of-state traffic summons.

“It doesn’t look like a warrant was issued,” Schroeder said Thursday.

Joby Branion, Miller’s agent, stated by e-mail Thursday that Miller paid the speeding ticket and all associated fees in full on July 9, 2012. On July 12th, 2012, the case was closed.

Yet on Wednesday, 14 months after the case was closed, the speeding ticket was all over the news not only in Denver, but — because of Miller’s stature as an NFL star — across the country.

“No warrant was ever issued for Von’s arrest,” Branion said in a statement Thursday. “The assertions presented last evening that this is an open matter and that a warrant is — or ever was — pending are absolutely false.”

Schroeder told The Denver Post on Wednesday night there was a warrant for Miller for failure to appear on the traffic citation. Branion emphatically denied Wednesday his client was in trouble.

“There is no arrest warrant,” Branion told The Post late Wednesday night. “This was something that happened 18 months ago. He got a speeding ticket for going 10 mph over the speed limit. That’s an infraction. You can’t be arrested on an infraction.”

Miller has been on such a run of trouble, he’s accused of wrongdoing even when he’s innocent. His public troubles began two months ago when it was learned he was facing a four-game suspension from the NFL for violating its drug policy. Upon further review, the league tacked two more games onto Miller’s suspension.

Miller was arrested Aug. 14 on an outstanding warrant in Colorado for failing to appear in court stemming from several traffic violations in October, 2012. He was cited again on Sept. 5 for speeding and driving without a license.

As for a speeding ticket in California, there was no warrant and the matter was cleared 14 months ago.