Warrant for Man With Forehead Tattoo; Runs From Police In His Underwear

Jesse Lee Price, a 25 year old man, ran from Fort Collins police.  Price has a warrant out for his arrest for vehicular assault charges.  Price is on parole and may have escaped from a halfway house.  Because of this, it’s possible Price has multiple warrants out for his arrest.  Price was only wearing socks, underwear and a white t-shirt when he ran from the police on Tuesday.   Price is still wanted on the warrant.  According to police, he has a forehead tattoo that says “Arianna” and another tattoo on his cheek of a hand “flipping the bird.”

In order for a warrant to be issued for a person’s arrest, a judge must review information and decide whether there is probable cause to believe a crime has been committed by the person for whom the warrant will be issued.  Probable cause is a lower standard than the standard that is required to convict a person at trial.  At trial, a judge or jury must find that the prosecution has proved that the accused has committed the crime charged beyond a reasonable doubt.  Probable cause is a significantly lower standard, but is, nonetheless, sufficient to support a warrant.

When executing a warrant, meaning when attempting to arrest the accused, it is important that police ensure they are arresting the correct person.  Frequently, identifying characteristics of the person are included.  If a person has been previously arrested, tattoos are often identified and that information can be saved for future reference by law enforcement.  Particularly unusual tattoos can help easily identify people, not only help police identify people, but also allow witnesses to identify people.  In Price’s case, his tattoos will likely make it difficult for him to conceal his identity.

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