Von Miller has Open Warrant for Traffic Matter

Denver Bronco’s linebacker Von Miller continues to have problems as the football season begins.  Miller is serving a six game suspension and recently picked up a new traffic case in Arapahoe County and learned of an unresolved traffic case in California.  While court records indicate there is an open bench warrant for Miller in California, Miller’s attorney says there is no warrant and that the matter will be resolved quickly.

Earlier this year Miller was arrested on a warrant issued out of Arapahoe County for a 2012 case.  In his most recent case, Miller was again cited for driving on a suspended license.

The reason for the license suspension is not clear, but there are many reasons a person’s license can be suspended, including a failure to appear for a court date and the associated warrant that is issued by the court.  Even if a person shows up to court to address the failure to appear, there is an additional reinstatement process that must be completed through the DMV in order for the suspension to be lifted.  If that reinstatement process has not been completed, even if the underlying issue has been addressed, you can still be charged with driving with a suspended license, so it is important to complete the entire process before you drive.

If you are charged with driving on a suspended license, it is important to consult with an attorney before accepting a plea bargain because if you plead to anything that will assess points against your license, it may result in an extended suspension of your license.