University of Miami Player Charged with DUI

Back up quarterback for the University of Miami was arrested for DUI.  Kevin Olsen, a redshirt freshman, is the younger brother of Greg Olsen who plays tight end for the Carolina Panthers.  Olsen is also alleged to have a fake or stolen ID.

Olsen is likely not 21 or older and likely had a fake ID that was used to get alcohol.  Olsen’s BAC is not part of the initial reports.  In Colorado, even if an underage person has a BAC that is below the legal limit, that person can still be charged with a baby DUI.  In addition, depending on Olsen’s conduct when the fake ID was found, he could be charged with false reporting or ID theft.

In Colorado, false reporting is a misdemeanor and occurs when a person provides false identifying information to law enforcement.  In more aggravated situations, providing a stolen ID could result in ID theft charges.  In Colorado, ID theft is a class 4 felony.

Olsen posted a $6000 bond.  He was released from the University following the incident.