Ty Lawson Arrested for 2nd DUI

Denver Nuggets player, Ty Lawson, was arrested in Los Angeles for suspicion of DUI.  He was arrested in Denver for a DUI in January.  He posted a $1500 bond on his Denver case and he was out on bond when he picked up the new arrest.  Conditions of his bond are no alcohol consumption, monitored sobriety and a standard condition for all bonds is that the person on bond not commit any new offenses.  The Denver District Attorney’s Office has not decided whether it will request any modifications to or revocation of the bond.

Because judges and prosecutors view  being out on bond as a privilege and not a right, it is not unusual for judges to impose conditions of bond.  Usually, the conditions are tailored to the facts of the individual case, but it is common for judges to require monitored sobriety if the facts allege alcohol consumption.  If the terms and conditions of the bond are violated, then the prosecution has the right ask the court to revoke the bond.  When a bond is revoked, the charged person is taken back into custody and the bond that was posted is forfeited.  Generally, a new bond amount is set and can be posted (the new bond will typically have the same conditions as the first).

In Colorado, there is also a crime called violation of bail bond conditions.  It does not sound like Denver plans to file a new charge.