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DUI Wetlab Results – Participant 3

We have been posting results from our non-scientific wetlab and have some more to share with you today.  As a reminder, the wetlab was non-scientific because the participants were responsible for monitoring and accurately reporting their own alcohol consumption and food intake, we did not use a calibrated PBT and we did not conduct the… Read more »

DUI Wetlab – "2 Beers Officer"

Dahl, Fischer & Wilks, with the help of Xcite Media and Von Feldt & Beatty Investigations conducted a wetlab following a happy hour.  The purpose of the wetlab was to educate people about the “danger” of a harmless after work happy hour – how easily a few drinks can turn into a DUI.  Many participants… Read more »

DUI Wetlab & PBT testing

If you have been following our blog, you know that we conducted a wetlab, testing seven subjects to determine whether they would have been safe to drive following a typical happy hour. In our last post, we discussed roadside maneuvers. Next, we want to discuss portable breath tests (PBT’s). Every thirty minutes we had each… Read more »