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Ex El Paso County Sheriff Found Not Guilty

Terry Maketa, the former El Paso County Sheriff, stood trial in a Colorado Springs courthouse. Maketa was accused of using his power to punish employees and contractors with whom he disagreed.  He was also alleged to have persuaded a domestic violence victim to recant her story and she was subsequently arrested.  The alleged defendant in… Read more »

Erin Andrews Settles Civil Suit

Erin Andrews, the sportscaster who sued the hotel owner and operator who allowed her stalker to secretly record her while naked, has settled the lawsuit.  The case was actually presented to a jury and jury awarded her $55 million in damages.  The hotel owner and operator was required to pay $27 million while Andrews’ stalker… Read more »

Court This Week

We are scheduled to be in trial in Douglas County this week.  Jury trials in Douglas County Court and Arapahoe County Court typically take two days to try.  County court trials in Denver, Jefferson and Adams counties typically take one day to try.  Jury trials are made up of various parts:  jury selection, opening statement,… Read more »

Court This Week

We have multiple motions hearings this week.  What is a motions hearing?  When a case gets set for trial, it also gets set for a hearing before the trial date so that the judge can rule on any motions filed by either the prosecution or the defense.  Motions are basically requests being made by either… Read more »

Court This Week – DUI Conference

We have two jury trials set this week.  One in Denver Municipal Court for violation of a protection order.  The other is a DUI case in Douglas County.  At the end of the week, we are attending the annual DUI Conference in Breckenridge.  The conference is two days.  Topics of discussion include changes in the… Read more »

Court This Week – Municipal Jury Trial

We are scheduled to be in trial again this week.  This time we have a municipal case set for trial Westminster.  Did you know that in municipal court, unlike state or federal court, you must make a specific request for a jury trial and pay a separate jury trial fee?  The jury trial request must… Read more »

Changes in Jury Selection

Dahl, Fischer & Wilks is excited to share that Kelly Fischer co-authored an article in the February issue of the Colorado Lawyer.  The article discusses a new case that changed the law related to issues in jury selection. During jury selection, each side has a right to exercise challenges to jurors.  When attorneys use these… Read more »

Felony DUI Results in 30 Year Sentence for Montana Man

John Harvey Hoots, a 55 year old man from Billings, Montana, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for a felony DUI conviction.  Hoots was arrested for suspicion of DUI in July 2012, just weeks after he was released from a ten year prison sentence for an earlier DUI conviction.  The prosecutor indicated that Hoots… Read more »

Prosecutor Will Not Pursue Third Trial In 2008 Murder

In 2008, Frederick Mueller was alleged to have murdered his wife, Dr. Leslie Mueller.  The investigation took four years to complete.  Mueller was not charged until 2012.  The prosecution has taken the case to trial twice and was preparing for another re-trial in January.  The first two trials resulted in hung juries, meaning the jurors… Read more »