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New Drug Program Promises Not to File Criminal Charges

Prescription drugs are getting abused more and more frequently.  A police department in Massachusetts is taking an innovative approach to this increasing drug problem.  The Glouchester Police Department is inviting people to the police station, no questions asked, in an effort to fast track people into treatment to help them kick the habit.  People can turn over their… Read more »

Immunity For Certain Drug Charges

Effective July 1, 2015, people will be given immunity from prosecution for possession of drug paraphernalia and small amounts of drug possession under certain circumstances.  The legislature has amended the drug paraphernalia and drug possession statutes to encourage people to tell police officers and medical personnel if they have a hypodermic needle, syringe or other… Read more »

Colorado Man Stopped for Marijuana Based on License Plate?

A Colorado man has initiated a lawsuit in federal court in the District of Idaho because he was stopped while driving through Idaho last year.  Idaho law enforcement contacted and detained Darien Roseen because he had Colorado license plates.  Idaho officers searched the car for marijuana.   Federal and state law requires reasonable suspicion before… Read more »

DUI Enforcement Increased for St. Patrick's Day

Colorado State Patrol, as well as 90 other law enforcement agencies, are increasing their DUI patrols this weekend.  Increased patrols are expected to continue through Tuesday.  Last year, the Colorado Department of Transportation reported 486 DUI arrests over St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Colorado State Patrol Chief, Scott Hernandez, is discouraging people from drinking and driving… Read more »

"Drive High, Get a DUI" Campaign Begins in Colorado

Colorado has started its “Drive High, Get a DUI” campaign, which includes an educational as well as enforcement component.  The campaign includes ads and billboards reminding drivers that, like alcohol, marijuana should not be used before driving.  The campaign also includes enforcement efforts.  Law enforcement are receiving training to spot DUI drug drivers. Officers are… Read more »

Man Accused of Taking Stolen Plane on Wild Ride; DUI

This man….. Paul Michael Waddle, was arrested on Sunday night for a DUI at a Nevada airport for taking an airplane for a joy ride.  Waddle said he was completing the take off and landing portions of his pilot training.  Police were dispatched to the airport when it was reported that a white Cessna was… Read more »

Bobby Kennedy's Daughter Preparing for DUI Drug Trial

Kerry Kennedy, the seventh of Robert Kennedy’s eleven children, is preparing for her DUI trial scheduled to begin on Monday.  On July 13, 2012, Kennedy side-swiped a tractor trailer in Westchester County, New York.  When police contacted Kennedy, she was in gym clothes, swaying, with impaired speech.  Kennedy said she had no memory of the… Read more »

SNL Alum Chris Kattan Arrested for DUI

Former Saturday Night Live cast member, Chris Kattan, was arrested early Monday morning for suspicion of DUI.  Kattan was seen weaving in and out of traffic on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles.  Kattan ran into a Department of Transportation vehicle, which was parked, while work was being completed on a guardrail.  No one was… Read more »