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How Many Points Are Too Many Points?

How Many Points Do I Get on My Driver’s License? People often come to us for help with traffic tickets and one of the most common concerns is whether they are in danger of losing their driver’s license.  Colorado has a points system.  The first question is the age of the driver.  Colorado allots a… Read more »

NFL Player in Hit & Run Had Revoked License

Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Terrell Suggs, pled not guilty to two misdemeanor charges: driving with a suspended license and hit and run.  Both charges carry possible jail time, but it is not mandatory.  Suggs reportedly caused some property damage but failed to stay on scene.  His license is allegedly suspended because of speeding tickets. Colorado’s laws… Read more »

DUI Checkpoint Results in 9 Arrests; Only 1 for DUI

Malibu DUI Checkpoint A DUI checkpoint located on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu resulted in nine arrest, only one of which was for suspicion of DUI.  The statistics for the April 11, 2014 checkpoint are as follows: 1463 vehicles traveled through the checkpoint 1240 drivers were actually checked at the checkpoint 1 arrest for… Read more »

Man Suspected of DUI Takes Police on Car Chase

At approximately 3:45 on Friday afternoon, a driver suspected of DUI took police on a slow chase on I-70 before he started ramming into other cars to attempt to elude the police.  When the driver began running into other cars, an officer shot the driver.  The unidentified man was taken to St. Anthony’s hospital.  His… Read more »

Vikings Linebacker Arrested for 2nd DUI in 2 Months

Last week Minnesota Vikings linebacker, Erin Henderson, was arrested for suspicion of DUI for the second time in less than two months.  Henderson’s first arrest came on November 19.  In his first DUI case, Henderson was also charged with a drug charge.  Henderson lost his driving privilege as a result of that case.  In his… Read more »

Tougher DUI Laws Coming for Colorado

Starting January 1, the DUI laws are changing in Colorado.  Whenever a person is charged with a DUI, the Department of Motor Vehicle can, and generally will, take action against the person’s driving privilege.  Come 2014, the consequences are changing, in some ways benefiting people charged with DUI and in other ways not. The consequences… Read more »

Shooter McGavin Arrested for DWAI

Christopher Macdonald, famous for his role as Shooter McGavin in the 1996 movie Happy Gilmore, was arrested for a DWAI on October 16.  Macdonald is currently shooting a movie in North Carolina.  The arrest occurred in Wilmington.  Law enforcement reported that his BAC was a .15. TMZ initially broke the news.  Based on the story,… Read more »