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Assault Investigation of Aquib Talib Suspended

Last week we let you know that Broncos cornerback, Aquib Talib, and his brother were under investigation for aggravated assault in Dallas.  The investigation has been suspended.  Thus far, there is a lack of evidence to pursue criminal charges.  Police have interviewed witnesses and completed forensic investigation, but without additional leads, the investigation is at… Read more »

Colorado Man Stopped for Marijuana Based on License Plate?

A Colorado man has initiated a lawsuit in federal court in the District of Idaho because he was stopped while driving through Idaho last year.  Idaho law enforcement contacted and detained Darien Roseen because he had Colorado license plates.  Idaho officers searched the car for marijuana.   Federal and state law requires reasonable suspicion before… Read more »

Burglary Cases Dismissed Due to Denver Police DNA Errors

In November, the Denver Police Department discovered that multiple DNA samples were scrambled, matching DNA samples to the wrong burglary cases.  This error caused prosecutors to dismiss four burglary cases.  Officials for Denver Police say the error was due to faulty instructions from the manufacturer of the DNA matching machine.  In June of 2011, the… Read more »

Prosecutor Will Not Pursue Third Trial In 2008 Murder

In 2008, Frederick Mueller was alleged to have murdered his wife, Dr. Leslie Mueller.  The investigation took four years to complete.  Mueller was not charged until 2012.  The prosecution has taken the case to trial twice and was preparing for another re-trial in January.  The first two trials resulted in hung juries, meaning the jurors… Read more »

Police Officer Suspected of DUI Steals Own Blood Sample

On Sunday, Colorado Springs police officer, David Rosenoff, was arrested for suspicion of DUI.  Rosenoff was involved in a car accident in his personal vehicle.  As part of the DUI investigation, Rosenoff agreed to submit to a blood test to determine his blood alcohol level.  Rosenoff was taken to the hospital for the blood draw… Read more »

Denver Police Reconsider Use of Body Cams

Body cams are personal cameras used by police officers during encounters and interactions with citizens.  Some police agencies already use body cams.  Many agencies use dash cams.  Dash cams are cameras installed in patrol cars that capture traffic stops. In car video can be important evidence in DUI cases. A couple of years ago, Denver… Read more »

Prosecution Response to Potentially Faulty DUI Blood Tests

On Friday last week, the Attorney General’s Office released a report detailing its investigation of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s lab, which is responsible for analyzing blood samples obtained through law enforcement’s DUI investigations.  The Attorney General released its report to the Colorado criminal defense bar, the Colorado Public Defender’s Office and… Read more »

Benefit of DNA Collection?

Earlier this week the Supreme Court ruled that it is constitutional for law enforcement to collect DNA samples from people arrested for a felony. The decision was a close decision with a 5-4 split among the justices. Opponents of laws allowing for collection of DNA samples argue that such collection is in violation of the… Read more »