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Cosby Felony Preliminary Hearing Begins …

Bill Cosby is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in his criminal case.  The hearing will begin Tuesday.  The purpose of a preliminary hearing is to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to keep the case moving forward.  A judge or magistrate will hear basic evidence and decide whether a minimum threshold has been met.  If… Read more »

Incarceration Rates High in U.S.

The White House recently released a study that suggests the mass incarceration that occurs in the U.S. is not having its intended effect.  While the U.S. population accounts for about 5% of the world population, the American inmate population accounts for about 25% of the total worldwide inmate population.  Recognition of this fact, coupled with… Read more »

Court This Week

Our attorneys practice throughout the Denver metro area.  This includes Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson counties.  We also have the opportunity to practice in jurisdictions that are a little further away, like this week when we are scheduled in Weld County.  Many cities have their own municipal courts and we defend cases in… Read more »

Former CU Player Guilty of Theft

Former CU running back, Bobby Purify, began a 2-day jail sentence today for a felony theft case in Boulder County.  The jail stay is only part of his sentence.  He was also sentenced to probation with community service hours and payment of restitution.  Purify was charged with theft of over $13,000.  He was an employee… Read more »

Court This Week

We have multiple motions hearings this week.  What is a motions hearing?  When a case gets set for trial, it also gets set for a hearing before the trial date so that the judge can rule on any motions filed by either the prosecution or the defense.  Motions are basically requests being made by either… Read more »

Client Testimonials

Lawyers sometimes have a reputation for being a less than honorable group.  Our attorneys strive to dispell that reputation.  We work hard to provide the best representation possible for our clients.  It is our goal to zealously advocate for our clients in the courtroom and offer compassion and understanding during our client interactions. “You are… Read more »

Positive Plea Bargains

We are always happy for our clients when we are able to get charges dismissed, but sometimes clients need our help to mitigate their situation.  Sometimes people make a mistake and simply need help making sure that one mistake does not have devasting consequences.  There is great value in having an attorney even if you… Read more »