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Colorado Springs: Two Careless Driving Cases; Different Treatment?

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, drivers in two pedestrian deaths are receiving different treatment by the El Paso County District Attorney’s Office. Fact Pattern #1:  Driver 1 was driving south on Tejon in Colorado Springs, looking for a parking spot. He drove past an angled parking spot, stopped and drove in reverse to get… Read more »

Unethical Careless Driving Policy in Denver?

This fall the Denver Post obtained a memorandum distributed by the Denver City Attorney’s Office that instructed prosecutors to delay dismissal of non-provable careless driving cases.  When confronted about the policy, the City defended the policy, but also said they would be revising the memorandum.  It was recently confirmed by the Denver Post that the… Read more »

Careless Driving or Vehicular Assault?

What is the Difference Between Careless Driving Causing Injury and Vehicular Assault? Careless driving is a traffic misdemeanor.  Whether there are serious injuries or a death as a result of the careless driving determines the possible penalties, but ultimately, even when a death is involved, it is a traffic misdemeanor.  Vehicular assault is a felony…. Read more »

Vehicular Assault or Careless Driving? Aurora Man Seriously Injured in Accident

Late on Friday, a pedestrian was hit and seriously injured in Aurora.  Information was not initially released regarding what charges, if any, are to be filed against the at fault driver.  The possible charges range from careless driving causing injury, a traffic offense, to vehicular assault, a felony.  At this time, there is still concern… Read more »

Sleeping Driver Commits Hit and Run

A news crew in Atlanta caught a hit and run on video.  The man who committed the hit and run was in his truck, sleeping, causing a traffic jam.  When a Georgia Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) tried to wake the driver and take his keys, the two got into a fight.  The driver then… Read more »

Careless Driving Charges Filed Against Teenager

After a two month investigation, it has been decided that a teenager is responsible for a fatal crash in Aurora. The teenager will be charged with two counts of careless driving causing death and one count of driving without a driver’s license. The teenager was driving near I-225 and 17th, without a license, when he… Read more »