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DUI Sentencing CLE

We had the privilege of presenting at a CLE this week.  CLE stands for Continuing Legal Education.  Attorneys are required to complete 45 Continuing Legal Education hours every 3 years in order to keep their law license up to date. The Colorado Criminal Defense Bar gave us the opportunity to present on DUI sentencing. Specifically,… Read more »

Extreme DUI Charge for NFL Player

Arizona DUI Law NFL wide receiver, Michael Floyd, was arrested for a DUI in Scottsdale, Arizona following the Arizona Cardinals loss to the Miami Dolphins last weekend.  Floyd was unconscious, sitting in his running car, when police initially contacted him. It took police multiple tries to wake him. Records released by police indicate Floyd’s BAC was… Read more »

Wide Array of Sentencing for Felony DUI

Colorado’s felony DUI law went into effect last year.  The law made a DUI a class four felony if the person had three prior alcohol related driving convictions (either DUI or DWAI).  The priors can be from Colorado or from out of state so long as the out of state conviction is for an offense… Read more »

Judge Dismisses DUI – Woman Claims Her Body Brews Alcohol

A judge in Hamburg, New York dismissed a DUI case against a woman who claimed a unique medical condition – a condition that causes her body to brew alcohol.  The condition is called “gut fermentation syndrome” or “auto brewery syndrome.”  The syndrome causes the body to convert carbohydrates found in food into alcohol.  When the… Read more »


Dahl, Fischer & Wilks and our clients achieved some good case outcomes recently.  With the help of our clients, we have been able to secure a couple of dismissals for our clients.  

5 Common DUI Questions

We pride ourselves in offering individualized attention, not only to clients, but everyone who calls us seeking possible representation.  People who call our office or submit questions through our website will always speak with or be responded to by a lawyer.  Everyone’s case or issue is unique, but there are a few questions we get… Read more »

Rachael Ray Tries DUI Tests

Rachael Ray, a celebrity cook with her own television show, tried to perform roadside maneuvers on her show and was not able to do them very well.  Roadside tests are given to people suspected of DUI.  The officer had her do the horizontal gaze nystagmus test, which is an eye test, and part of the… Read more »

Client Testimonials

Lawyers sometimes have a reputation for being a less than honorable group.  Our attorneys strive to dispell that reputation.  We work hard to provide the best representation possible for our clients.  It is our goal to zealously advocate for our clients in the courtroom and offer compassion and understanding during our client interactions. “You are… Read more »