SNL Alum Chris Kattan Gets DUI Probation

Saturday Night Live alum, Chris Kattan, received a sentence of three years probation for this DUI from February.  As conditions of his probation, Kattan will be required to attend a three month alcohol program, 104 narcotics anonymous classes and the Hospital and Morgue Program, which is a scared straight program where he will see the dangerous consequences of driving under the influence.

Colorado has similar penalties for a DUI conviction.  For a first time offense, probation is not required, but some alcohol education and community service hours are required; however, most courts place people on probation even for a first time offense.  If you have a prior, no matter how long ago, probation is required along with more intense alcohol education and therapy, an increased number of community service hours and mandatory jail time.  If you have more than one prior, probation is mandatory with all of the same requirements and the amount of mandatory jail time increases.

Interestingly, Kattan is alleged to have been on Ambien at the time of his DUI, but is nonetheless required to attend alcohol classes.  Similarly, in Colorado, the current law does not differentiate between driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.  Even if a person was on prescription medications at the time of the DUI and there is no suspicion that the person was under the influence of alcohol, the person is required to attend some level of alcohol classes.