Sleeping Driver Commits Hit and Run

A news crew in Atlanta caught a hit and run on video.  The man who committed the hit and run was in his truck, sleeping, causing a traffic jam.  When a Georgia Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) tried to wake the driver and take his keys, the two got into a fight.  The driver then hit the gas, nearly crashed into the operator and caused a multi car accident before fleeing the scene on foot.  Police have not yet caught the driver.

In Colorado, there are many types of hit and run charges.  If a driver hits another car, other property or a person and then flees the scene, the driver is guilty of hit and run.  Hitting property includes state or city property such as a highway guardrail or street sign.  If a driver gets into an accident and remains on scene, the driver may only be charged with careless driving, which is a four point traffic offense.  In comparison, hit and run is a twelve point offense and is considered a major traffic offense.  Drivers are only allowed twelve points in a year, so one conviction for hit and run will result in a point suspension.  If a driver accumulates too many major traffic offenses in a certain period of time, the DMV will revoke their driving privilege and deem him or her an habitual traffic offender.

Because hit and run charges carry so many points and because they are considered major traffic offenses, if you get charged with a hit and run, it is important to speak with an attorney.  The best attorneys will be able to review the facts of your case for possible defenses.  For example, perhaps you did not know you hit anything because the damage was minimal.  Or, maybe there is not a legal defense, but rather, mitigation that the prosecutor should be aware of.  For example, maybe your teenage child got scared, but as soon as he or she got home and told you what happened, they ultimately did report the accident, albeit delayed.  This is something the prosecutor should be aware of when discussing a plea bargain.

For most people maintaining their driver’s license is important.  Because a hit and run conviction will result in loss of your driving privilege, it’s important to consult an attorney.  If you find yourself in this situation, please contact us to see how we can help.

Source:  USA Today, October 21, 2013, WTSP-TV Tampa Bay