Rockies Co-Owner Pleads Guilty to DUI

On Friday, in Weld County, Charlie Monfort pled guilty to DUI.  Monfort is a co-owner of the Rockies.   In November, Monfort was stopped for speeding in Windsor.  Following a DUI investigation, Monfort agreed to take a breath test, showing a BAC of .284, more than three times the legal limit.

Following his guilty plea to the DUI charge, Monfort was sentenced to 24 months of probation.  By law, when a person pleads guilty to any alcohol or drug related driving offense, whether it is a plea to DUI or DWAI, the court must sentence the person to probation with alcohol education and therapy, community service hours and a victim impact panel.  The level of therapy and number of community service hours is left to the court’s discretion; however, there is an evaluation that is completed that recommends the level of therapy to be required.

In addition, in situations such as Monfort’s situation, there may be mandatory jail time.  DUI and DWAI is always punishable by jail time in addition to probation, but under certain circumstances jail is mandatory.  For instance, if the BAC is greater than .200, then there are 10 days of mandatory jail; however, that jail time may be served in an alternative form such as in home detention.  Under other circumstances, the jail time is truly mandatory, meaning the jail time must be served in jail and the time cannot be served in an alternative form.