Criminal Defense

Being accused of a crime, no matter the severity of the charge, is an unnerving experience.  We provide our clients with a zealous, compassionate and comprehensive defense.  

Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience working in the criminal justice system. Not only have we spent years defending clients, but we began our careers as prosecutors.  Our prosecution experience enables us to uniquely understand the criminal process and how to protect our clients’ best interests. We understand how to effectively negotiate with the prosecution, present compelling mitigation, recognize the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and, ultimately, take your case to trial.

Types of charges we defend against include, but are not limited to:

In addition to representing you on original criminal charges, we can also help you after you have pled guilty, been convicted, or even after your case has been dismissed.

  • If your case was dismissed or if you accepted and successfully completed a deferred judgment and sentence, we can help you seal the records related to the case.
  • If you accepted a deferred judgment and sentence or a probation sentence and now the prosecution is alleging a probation violation, we can advocate for you with respect to these new allegations.
  • If you were previously charged and/or sentenced and a mandatory protection order entered and now you would like to ask for a modification of the protection order, we can present information to the court to convince the court that the protection order should be modified.