When you are starting a business you must first decide what type of entity your business will be.

You may be a sole proprietor, partnership, limited liability partnerships, single or multi-member LLC, S Corporation or C Corporation. When determining which entity you should form your business as, there are many factor that should be considered, in order to ensure your business objectives are met.

In addition to determining your business entity, you will also generally submit paperwork to the Colorado Secretary of State, the IRS and potentially other licensing authorities to have the ability to run your business in Colorado. You will also need the supporting documents, such as an operating agreement, shareholders agreement, etc., to open bank accounts, attract investors, etc.

Finally, once your business is formed, you may need contracts for your clients, review of leases, review of contracts for vendors, employment handbooks, review of already drafted formation documents, succession planning in your business, buy/sell agreements, to name a few.

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