Practice Areas

We have brought together a dedicated and talented team of attorneys, allowing us to offer a variety of legal services to our clients.  Our goal is develop a relationship with our clients through detailed, compassionate and zealous representation.  Because we hope to develop a relationship with our clients, we want to be able to assist you with any and all of your future legal needs and to provide a resource for your friends and family.  We want to become your legal team.  

The attorneys at Dahl Fischer & Wilks draw upon years of experience.  Whether you are in need of transactional or litigation work, our goal is to empower our clients through our representation.  We strive to educate our clients as to important aspects of the law.  We work to keep our clients informed throughout the process.  We aim to find solutions for our clients problems.

Our practice areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Criminal Defense:  We defend clients against a full range of charges, from simple traffic tickets to municipal, misdemeanor and felony charges.  We defend against property crimes, crimes against people and domestic violence charges.  We also handle appeals and post-conviction matters.
  • DUI, DWAI & DMV & Traffic Defense: We represent clients who are facing a first time alcohol or drug related driving offense and clients who have prior DUI or DWAI convictions.  We often represent those same clients at DMV, addressing driver license consequences associated with DUI and other traffic charges.
  • Estate Planning:  We prepare clients for the future by developing an estate plan that matches their needs and wishes.  We can prepare a simple will or create a comprehensive plan.  We can also help you alter or add to your current estate to accommodate a recent life change.
  • Real Estate:  We represent a variety of clients in real estate matters.  Our clients include individuals and companies, buyers and sellers, tenants and landlords.  Our attorneys can skillfully draft and review documents as well as litigate disputed matters in court.
  • Civil Litigation: We have extensive negotiation and trial experience.  This combination of skills is invaluable.  Our priority is to serve our clients’ needs and meet their expectations, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant in an action.
  • Family Law:  We work with our clients to provide compassionate and knowledgeable representation on all domestic relations matters, including divorce, legal separation, parenting time, child support, spousal maintenance and protection orders.
  • Juvenile Law: We represent children in the juvenile justice system to ensure their rights are protected and to help minimize the negative impact and consequences of a possible juvenile record.