Pippi Longstocking Charged With DUI and Hit and Run

Tami Erin, the actress who played Pippi Longstocking, has been formally charged by the Los Angeles City Attorney after an eventful DUI arrest.  Erin was charged with one count of DUI, two counts of hit and run and one count of failure to provide proof of insurance.  Officers claim Erin hit one car, drove off, hit another car, drove off and then hit a third car before being stopped.  One person was taken to the hospital.  Erin refused to submit to a chemical test so her blood alcohol level is not known.

In Colorado, even for a first time DUI, there can be serious consequences, especially when there is an accident.  By law, DUI is punishable by up to one year county jail.  The law also requires that the court impose alcohol education and therapy, community service hours and a victim impact panel.  Each of these requirements has an associated cost.  In addition, the court will impose court costs, fines and probation supervision fees.

While the no proof of insurance charge seems like the least serious charge, it is nonetheless a significant charge.  In Colorado, there is a minimum mandatory $500 fine for driving without insurance.  Four points may be assessed against your driver’s license and it is even punishable by jail.  These consequences can be reduced if insurance is purchased after the fact.  If proof of insurance is provided for the actual date of the offense, the charge should be dismissed outright.

If Erin did not have insurance, then restitution will also likely be part of any plea bargain in her case.  Restitution is the amount of money the defendant owes to another person or entity, typically the victim, when the victim has incurred out if pocket expenses that were caused by the defendant.  In this case, if the vehicles Erin hit have to be repaired, she will have to pay restitution to cover those costs.