Colorado Springs: New Cadets Arrive at the Air Force Academy

The Class of 2021 arrived at the Air Force Academy last week. The Colorado Springs Gazette captured some of the activity that first day.  The new cadets began basic training on June 29, a multi week program to prepare the freshmen for their time at the Academy.  This first day is called “Doolie Day.”

The Air Force core values are, “Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence in All We Do.”  It is far from any easy feat to be accepted into the Academy, but most would agree that being accepted is the easy part.  The next four years will test the cadets.  Every graduating class adds to the “long blue line,” which is reference to the Academy’s history and lineage.

The expectations for freshmen cadets are very different than the expectations for young people going off to a more traditional college or university.  However, just like students attending a non-military school, if a student finds him or herself involved with the legal system, it is important to contact a lawyer.  It is a common misconception that if the military takes action due to any alleged bad conduct, no case will filed in court or the court case will be dismissed.  While the prosecution may decide to dismiss the case, the DA’s office is not obligated to do so and is not required to work with the military.

Generally, prosecutors are open to discussion with the military, but it often helps to have a lawyer help negotiate on your behalf.  Every cadet accepted to the Academy has no doubt spent a lot of time and effort to apply and be accepted.  A criminal accusation not only has the potential to derail a military career, but also has the potential to have other non-military consequences.