Marijuana Charge for Mississippi State WR

Mississippi State wide receiver, De’Runnya Wilson, was arrested for marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession.  Wilson was arrested along with three others.  He was in a car stopped for speeding (59 mph in a 45 mph zone).  The four men were reportedly on their way to a birthday party.  All four indicated they would not pass a drug test.

Interestingly, it does not appear as though anyone was investigated for a DUI even though marijuana and paraphernalia was found in the car and there were statements made about drug use.  Presumably, no DUI investigation was conducted because the driver appeared to be sober when he was contacted.

For college students, even a low level offense like marijuana possession can have significant consequences.  Many students rely on financial aid to attend school.  Marijuana possession is a drug offense and drug offenses can preclude people from receiving financial aid and, by extension, preclude people from receiving a college education.

Before pleading to any crime, no matter how insignificant it may seem, it is important to check for any collateral consequences.  For Wilson, not only could the arrest impact his education, but it could also impact his football career at the university.  He will be a junior next season and was the leading receiver this year.