Man Arrested for DUI While Driving a Lawnmower

Colorado DUI attorneysWeld County’s Kenneth Welton was arrested for DUI while riding a lawnmower after multiple people called 911 out of concern.

Law enforcement believes the man was driving the lawnmower from bar to bar. When Weld County Sheriff’s deputies contacted Welton, 53, he was unable to stand on his own and was showing signs of impairment. His driver’s license was revoked.

He was driving the lawnmower down 8th Avenue in Garden City, which is a relatively busy roadway in Garden City. Welton spoke with media from the jail, stating he was not bar hopping, but rather, was working and mowing weeds.

“It was just surprising, it was just a total shock. What are you kidding me? I haven’t been, I’ve been working, I have been mowing, I haven’t been bar hopping.”

Did you know? In Colorado, a person can be charged with a DUI for driving a riding lawnmower. A person can also be charged with a DUI for driving a motorized scooter or farm equipment. The question is the size of the engine.  If the engine size is small enough, talk to our Colorado DUI attorneys, because it may be a defense to a DUI charge.