Man Accused of Taking Stolen Plane on Wild Ride; DUI

This man…..

Paul Michael Waddle, was arrested on Sunday night for a DUI at a Nevada airport for taking an airplane for a joy ride.  Waddle said he was completing the take off and landing portions of his pilot training.  Police were dispatched to the airport when it was reported that a white Cessna was stolen.  The plane belongs to Scenic Airlines, a company that gives tours over the Grand Canyon.  Prior to police arrival, Waddle had already taken off and landed the plane at least three times.  After the police arrived, Waddle took off and landed two more times before making a quick 360 degree turn, coming to a rest next to another plane.

Waddle was not initially cooperative with police.  When he was finally arrested, the police noted that Waddle had bloodshot, watery eyes, slurred speech and the odor of alcohol on his breath.  Waddle agreed to submit to a PBT showing an alcohol content of .132.  Waddle was charged with DUI/aircraft, unlawful taking of a motor vehicle/aircraft and obstructing a peace officer.