Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI, Drag Racing and Resisting Arrest

Two days ago, 19 year old Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami for DUI, drag racing and resisting arrest.  Today, Bieber was spotted in Panama.  He is currently on bond.  The Miami judge set Bieber’s bond at a standard amount for the charges, $2500.

Bieber caught officers’ attention while driving a yellow Lamborghini, apparently racing another driving, going 55-60 mph in a 30 mph zone.  Bieber also admitted to drinking, smoking marijuana and taking some prescription medications.  According to police reports, Bieber did not cooperate with officers when they stopped him.  The officer says he repeatedly asked Bieber not to put his hands in his pockets and when Bieber would not comply, the officer proceeded to attempt a safety patdown, concerned that Bieber may have a weapon.  Bieber did not comply with the officer’s orders to complete the patdown and when the officer arrested him, Bieber pulled away.

Thus far, it is not clear whether Bieber agreed to take a chemical test to determine his blood alcohol level.  In Colorado, if an officer has probable cause to believe the driver is under the influence of drugs and alcohol, the officer may request the driver to submit to a blood test and not offer a breath test.  A breath test cannot detect drugs in the system.  An officer may require a blood test even if the suspected drugs are prescription.  Upon receiving blood results, the prosecution will then decide whether they believe the results support a case that the driver was either driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while ability impaired (DWAI) or sober.  This determination is an opinion.  There is no per se limit or levels related to drugs to inform the prosecution as to whether the driver is impaired or sober.  As such, DUI drug cases can be more difficult for the prosecution to prove depending on the facts and circumstances.