Jacoby Jones Assaulted on Party Bus

Jacoby Jones was assaulted on a party bus early Monday morning.  Jones was hit over the head with a champagne bottle by a stripper.  The police responded at around 3 am, but Jones refused medical treatment, refusing to go to the hospital.

Jones was injured in the first game of this season, playing against the Broncos.  He also made the infamous catch during the playoffs last season, knocking the Broncos out of the playoffs.  John Harbaugh, the Ravens coach, was not pleased with the report.

In Colorado, a person could be charged with a felony for hitting another person with a champagne bottle.  A champagne bottle could be considered a “deadly weapon.”  In that case, hitting another with a bottle is second degree assault with a minimum mandatory 5 year prison sentence.  If a person hits another with a champagne bottle and broke that other person’s nose or cut the other person, requiring stiches, which could leave a scar, this could be comsidered first degree assault with a minimum mandatory 10 years prison.  These mandatory minimums apply even if the person convicted has no crimimal history.

It is unclear whether any charges were filed against the stripper or Jones, but per Harbaugh, Jones was at the team meeting on Monday, suggesting Jones was not charged with anything.

Source:  https://m.espn.go.com/nfl/story?storyId=9714106