Increased DUI Patrol Over St. Patrick's Day

Last year there were over 400 DUI arrests over the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. The most arrests were made in Denver, Colorado Springs and Aurora. The increased patrols over the are part of the “Heat Is On” campaign.

The Colorado Department of Transportation is planning on similar increased patrols this year. There are multiple agencies increasing their DUI patrols. CDOT is even putting on a demonstration prior to the holiday weekend called “We’ve Got Your BAC” in an attempt to educate drivers about the impact of alcohol on their ability to drive. Participants will drink two alcoholic beverages, take a breathalyzer and prior to the result being revealed, the participant will be asked whether he/she feels safe to drive. In Colorado, the legal limit is a BAC of 0.080 for a DUI, but with a BAC of as low as a 0.050, you can be charged with a DWAI. For people under 21, a BAC of as low as a 0.020 can result in an underage drinking and driving (UDD) charge, which can have consequences that are as serious as a DUI charge.

Please be safe this holiday weekend. If you are contacted for an alcohol related driving offense, please contact us for a free consultation.