How to find the best DUI attorney in Denver

Getting arrested and charged with a DUI is one of the most stressful events that can happen to you.  The first thing that every person charged with a DUI must do is to find an attorney to represent you during this time.  Hiring an attorney immediately is critical, as your rights are impacted from a DUI within a week of your arrest.  With so many attorneys in Denver, how do you find the one attorney who will best represent you?  Will they be compassionate, dedicated and committed to your case?  And, most importantly, are they going to be available for you?

When choosing your attorney look at their experience and knowledge.  Not only must your attorney know the law regarding your charges, but they must also be familiar with the jurisdiction in which you are charged, as each jurisdiction has policies regarding offers, motions, trials and sentencing.  The attorneys at Dahl, Fischer & Wilks are all former prosecutors.  They are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of DUI law.  They have tried hundreds of jury trials, court trials and motions hearings.

Your lawyer is a reflection upon you in court; make sure you are represented by someone who is well respected, professional and experienced.  The attorneys at Dahl, Fischer & Wilks are well respected among their peers, and dedicated to protecting their clients’ rights.  At Dahl, Fischer & Wilks, we realize that for our clients, this is often their first interaction with the legal system, and they need someone who will explain each step of the process and ensure that their rights are protected every step of the way.

Finally, make sure that you are represented by an attorney who you know.  Often times, clients will sign an agreement with one attorney and a different associate will show up to represent them every time they are in court.  At Dahl, Fischer & Wilks you are represented by one attorney, who takes a vested interest in your case and walks you through the entire process.  Our clients are able to contact their individual attorney directly with any questions or concerns they have.

Remember, hiring a lawyer is an important decision.  Make sure that you find the attorney who is experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated, compassionate and available.  You will find that attorney at Dahl, Fischer & Wilks.  Call us today for a free consultation.  303-758-7700.