Probation Extended for Former Sheriff

Probation Consequences for Arapahoe County Sheriff?

Former Arapahoe County Sheriff, Pat Sullivan, had his probation extended for three months following a positive urine screen.  Sullivan was placed on probation when he was criminally charged for exchanging meth for sex.  His probation was supposed to end on April 3 of this year.

The court documents do not specify the substance detected in the urine screen.  It could have been alcohol or drugs or both.  Sullivan’s probation officer indicated that extending probation for three months wiuld give Sullivan time to get into compliance.  Sullivan has previously tested positive for alcohol while on probation.


What Are Possible Consequences for Violating Probation?

It does not sound as though Sullivan’s probation was revoked.  There are a variety of different consequences that the court can impose for violating probation.  The court can simply revoke probation and then reinstate probation to give the probationer more time to complete the probation requirements.  The court can revoke probation and reinstate with additional conditions, such as more community service hours or additional jail time.  The court can also revoke probation and simply impose a jail or prison sentence.  Or, in the case of Sullivan, if a probationer is doing fairly well on probation, probation can just be extended without a revocation, giving the probationer an opportunity to prove he or she can be compliant.

Frequently the probation officer has a great deal of input with the prosecutor and the judge with respect to the consequences a probationer might face if he or she is found to be in violation of probation.  It is important to keep in touch with and work with your probation officer because their input is important.