Former QB Donovan McNabb Serves DUI Sentence

Donovan McNabb, former NFL quarterback, surrendered himself on Wednesday to serve his one day jail sentence, which was imposed for his DUI plea entered on March 27.  Reports indicate that Arizona police contacted McNabb for speeding.  He was also charged with DUI.  Released reports did not provide McNabb’s blood or breath alcohol level.

Each state has its own unique DUI laws.  While there is some consistency regarding the legal limit in each state, the consequences vary greatly.  If you are new to Colorado, do not assume that Colorado law addresses DUI and DWAI sentencing the same as your home state.  In Colorado, the sentencing laws differ depending on whether you have any prior DUIs or DWAIs, the recency of any prior DUI or DWAI convictions, and your specific blood or breath alcohol level.

For example, to compare and contrast McNabb’s sentence with Colorado law, Colorado requires alcohol education and community service hours in order to suspend all jail time.  If a person does not want to complete the education and community service hours, then there is mandatory jail time for a first time DUI or DWAI.  The minimum mandatory jail time for a first time DUI is 2 days of county jail.  The judge could impose up to one year of jail.  Reports are unclear as to whether McNabb was placed on probation or required to complete any alcohol classes or treatment.