Elway's Son Arrested for Domestic Violence Assault Charges

Jack Elway Arrested for Domestic Violence

Jack Elway, John Elway’s son, was arrested over the weekend after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.  Domestic violence assault charges require arrest and Elway had to be seen by a judge before being released on bond.  Elway was released on a $550 bond.  He is scheduled to be back in court on Thursday.

Elway is alleged to have pulled his girlfriend out of his car by her hair.  He is further alleged to have pushed her down when she tried to get back in the car, causing visible scrapes.  The incident occurred near the school campus in downtown Denver.  In addition to domestic violence assault charges, Elway was charged with disturbing the peace.

Domestic Violence in Colorado

“Domestic violence” has a specific legal definition in Colorado.  First, the victim of the crime must currently be or previously have been the actor’s intimate partner.  Second, the crime committed must involve physical contact or be an act of coercion, control or retaliation.  For example, if a wife pushes her husband, then she might be charged with harassment as an act of domestic violence.  An example of a non-physical contact act of domestic violence would be if a husband disapproves of something his wife has done and in response, breaks one of her belongings.  The husband might be charged with criminal mischief as an act of domestic violence.

In Colorado, when a police officer has probable cause to believe a person has committed a crime as an act of domestic violence, the officer must arrest the suspect.  The suspect is then held on a no bond hold until he or she is brought before a judge.  The judge will then enter a mandatory protection order and set bond.  In addition to the mandatory arrest, domestic violence charges can carry more serious consequences than non-domestic violence crimes.  For example, Colorado law requires that a person convicted of a domestic violence charge attend domestic violence treatment, which can be lengthy.  A person convicted of domestic violence charges will also be prohibited from possessing or owni