DUI Conference in Breckenridge

In an effort to provide the best DUI representation for our current and potential clients, we attended the annual DUI conference in Breckenridge last week.  The conference is two full days with many speakers, discussing the most relevant issues to defend DUI cases.  The conference is put on by the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar.  We are not only members of the defense bar, but also specifically members of the DUI group.  Topics ranged from the reliability, or rather unreliability, of drug recognition expert evaluations, to information related to the new breathalyzer machines being used in Colorado, to DUI sentencing.

DUI laws and topics are constantly changing.  This area of the law seems to change more often than other areas of criminal defense.  For example, as of January 1, 2014, the DMV consequences related to DUI charges changed, some to the benefit of the driver and others not.  Currently, there is proposed legislation which would create a felony level DUI under certain circumstances.  It is important for DUI attorneys to make sure they are up to date on the state of the law in order to provide the best DUI representation.

Not only do the best DUI attorneys educate themselves as to changes in the law, but they also educate themselves as to issues that may become more common based on those changes in the law.  For example, with the legalization of recreational marijuana use, the state has taken the position that it wants to be better equipped to investigate DUI drug cases.  This will likely result in more DUI drug cases being filed.  As such, it is increasingly important that DUI attorneys understand drug recognition expert evaluations and how to attack and defend against those reports.

We are dedicated to continuing to educate ourselves so that we may provide our current and potential clients with the best representation possible.