Domestic Violence Cases Dismissed

We want to recognize the perseverance of one of our clients who got his case dismissed this week.  He was charged with felony level domestic violence.  From the beginning, the client said he was innocent and would not plead to something he did not do.  This client deserves recognition because he not only stated his innocence, but helped us prove to the prosecution that the case needed to be dismissed.  He gathered documentation and gave us permission to hire an investigator to gather the necessary information.  While it took a number of months to get the case dismissed, we were able to convince the prosecution that dismissal was the appropriate resolution.

Another client charged with misdemeanor domestic violence had his case dismissed as well.  The original offer from the prosecution involved 18 months of probation.  After providing the district attorney’s office with information about the client and information about the circumstances surrounding the situation, the prosecution agreed to allow the client to take a few weeks of classes without being placed on probation and, upon completion of the classes, the case would be dismissed.  The client took advantage of this opportunity, took the classes and had his case dismissed.

It is important for our clients to work with us to get the best resolution possible.  Without the help of our clients, it is difficult for us to present a compelling argument to the prosecution or to a jury.  Our attorneys have the experience and training to make persuasive arguments during plea negotiations and trial, but when our clients participate in their defense by gathering important information, the likelihood of success is much greater.  Because our attorneys know how important it is to work with the client, our clients have direct contact with their attorney and work with one attorney from beginning to end.