Dahl, Fischer & Wilks and our clients achieved some good case outcomes recently.  With the help of our clients, we have been able to secure a couple of dismissals for our clients.  One client was charged with a DUI in Douglas County.  The joint effort of our client and Stephanie resulted in outright dismissal of the charges.  The client was facing a significant jail sentence had he been convicted of a DUI or DWAI.  Fortunately, he made the correct decision in not actually driving the car out of the parking lot and even though he could have been in actual physical control of the car, which is enough to be guilty of DUI, a reliable witness provided information to disprove actual physical control, so the DA dismissed the case.

A second client was charged with third degree assault in Douglas County and was set for trial.  Based on mitigation provided by the client and presented to the DA by Kelly and some difficulty locating necessary witnesses, the DA elected not to pursue the charges and the case was dismissed.

Finally, a third client’s case was dismissed a few months ago and the client decided to have his records sealed.  The client had been charged with assault as an act of domestic violence.  The DA agreed to dismiss the case if our client took a conflict management class.  Client successfully completed the classes and the case was dismissed, allowing the client to seal the records.  Kindly, the client complimented our attorneys, saying “I’ve been so impressed with everything related to my case and how you’ve helped me so much I wanted to say thank you a thousand times over!” Compliments such as these are meaningful to our attorneys because each lawyer strives to achieve the best result possible for our clients.