Court This Week – Municipal Jury Trial

We are scheduled to be in trial again this week.  This time we have a municipal case set for trial Westminster.  Did you know that in municipal court, unlike state or federal court, you must make a specific request for a jury trial and pay a separate jury trial fee?  The jury trial request must be made with in a certain amount of time after the not guilty pleas enter.  If you fail to make that request and pay the fee, you still receive a trial, but it is a trial to the judge rather than a trial to a jury.  In addition to specifically requesting a jury trial, you must also request the number of jurors you want.  If you do not request a specific number, you will only get three jurors rather than six.

Generally, jury trials are better than trials to the judge and a six person jury is better than a three person jury because the prosecution must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt and every juror must unanimously agree that the prosecution proved its case before the jury can convict you.  If you appear in court without an attorney and then decide to hire an attorney, be sure to pay attention to anything the judge tells you so you can let your attorney know what has happened on your case.

Monday:  Arapahoe and Jefferson County

Tuesday:  Adams County

Wednesday:  Denver and Arapahoe County and Westminster Municipal Court

Thursday:  Denver and Douglas County and jury trial in Westminster Municipal Court

Friday:  Arapahoe and Denver County

If you have been charged with any type of offense – DUI, traffic ticket, misdemeanor or felony – it is important to contact a lawyer who can help guide you through the system, advocating for and protecting your rights, like your right to a jury trial.