Court This Week

The courts are closed on Monday, but we will make up for it the rest of the week.  Not often, but occassionally, officers write tickets or summons with a court appearance date that falls on a date when the courts are closed.  When this happens, people wonder what they should do about their court date.  Does it mean the case will be dismissed? Since they cannot appear for court if the courts are closed, will a warrant be issued?  Will something else bad happen?

The best way to address the scheduling issue is to show up for court the next business day.  The court should have a copy of the ticket or summons and will see that the court appearance date was for a date the courts were closed.  Unfortunately, a mistake with the date will not result in a dismissal (other mistakes may result in a dismissal if the mistake makes the summons defective).  If you fail to appear for court the next business day, the court could issue a warrant.

Court settings this week:

Monday:  Courts Closed

Tuesday:  Jefferson & Arapahoe counties

Wednesday:  Arapahoe & Denver counties

Thursday:  Jefferson, Denver, Boulder & Arapahoe counties

Friday:  Denver & Arapahoe counties