Court This Week

We are scheduled to be in trial in Douglas County this week.  Jury trials in Douglas County Court and Arapahoe County Court typically take two days to try.  County court trials in Denver, Jefferson and Adams counties typically take one day to try.  Jury trials are made up of various parts:  jury selection, opening statement, prosecution presentation of evidence, defense presentation of evidence and closing argument.

The James Holmes trial is currently getting a lot of media attention.  The jury in that case will also make the decision regarding the sentence to be imposed; however, this is only because the prosecution is seeking the death penalty.  Normally, the jury does not participate in the sentencing decision.  The sentence to be imposed is left up to the judge assuming a jury finds the person guilty of one or more charges.

Here is where we are in court this week:

Monday:  Jefferson, Douglas and Arapahoe counties

Tuesday:  Douglas and Arapahoe counties

Wednesday:  Douglas and Arapahoe counties

Thursday:  Denver County and Municipal Court

Friday:  Denver Municipal and Arapahoe County