Come See Us In Arapahoe County

Our attorneys will be in court a lot the beginning part of this week.  We have pretrial conferences in many of the courtrooms in Arapahoe County.  The types of cases we are defending vary from DUI to misdemeanor domestic violence to child abuse to felony level assault.

We will be appearing in divisions 306, 408, 301, 302, 206, 404 and 309.  Handling cases in all of these divisions offers our clients an advantage because we know the prosecutors and judges assigned to each division.  Regular appearances in the courtrooms ensure that we are familiar with procedures in each division.  This knowledge helps us effectively represent our clients.

If you are not in Arapahoe County this week, we also have appearances in Denver on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Monday:  Arapahoe and Denver County

Tuesday:  Arapahoe and Denver County

Wednesday:  No court, but we have mediation scheduled in Denver for a civil case

Thursday:  No court

Friday:  Arapahoe and Denver County