Colts Owner, Jim Irsay, Arrested for DUI and Drug Possession

The owner of the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Irsay, was arrested on Sunday for a DUI and drug charges.  It is reported that aside from the DUI, Irsay is charged with four felonies.  Irsay was contacted for driving too slowly and failing to signal for a turn.  Irsay failed roadside tests.  During an inventory search of his car, police found multiple prescription medications, but the medications did not match any of the prescription bottles found in the car.

Irsay posted bond today in the amount of $22,500 cash.  His next court date is scheduled for March 26.  On that date, Irsay will likely find out exactly what he will be charged with.

Irsay must have been driving alone because, generally, had Irsay been with another sober person, the police may not have inventoried Irsay’s car.  An inventory search is an exception to the general rule that police must have a warrant to conduct a search.  Officers take inventory of what is in the car before impounding the vehicle.  So long as the inventory search is proper, evidence obtained as a result of the search can be used against the driver.  In Irsay’s case, the prescription drugs were found as a result if the inventory search.

Irsay had been public about his struggle with pain pill addiction.  Even if Irsay had a valid prescription for the drugs, the prosecution could pursue a DUI charge, but likely would not be able to pursue the drug charges.