Colorado Springs Chamber Event

Dahl, Fischer & Wilks is a member of a few local chambers of commerce, including the Aurora Chamber, the Colorado Women’s Chamber, the Glendale Chamber and the Colorado Springs Chamber.

So, what is a chamber of commerce?

It is an organization composed of business leaders in a community. Businesses form these groups to advocate not only for business interests, but also to advocate for the community at large and economic development. In fact, the full name of the Colorado Springs Chamber is the “Colorado Springs Chamber and Economic Development Corp.”

Unlike bar associations, chambers of commerce are open to all types of business people, not just lawyers. Chambers often have sub-groups or councils that focus on particular areas, and therefore, needs, in the community. For example, because of the strong military presence in Colorado Springs, the Springs Chamber focuses quite a bit of energy on aerospace and defense industries.  Similarly, the Aurora Chamber has a defense council. Buckley Air Force Base plays an important role in Aurora’s economy.

Chambers are business networking organizations. As such, there are many events available to their members.  Some events are simply a networking or social event. Other events honor outstanding contribution and/or accomplishment in the community. For example, this Thursday, July 25, our firm will be present for the Evening in Tuscany Event in Colorado Springs.  The Chamber will be honoring a woman in the business community. Still other events are more heavily focused on community involvement and philanthropy.  For example, one of our founding partners is a member of the Glendale Girl’s Club which is a sub-group of the Glendale Chamber of Commerce.  The Girl’s Club is raising funds to be donated to a couple of local charities.

We are honored to be a member of the local chambers. The organizations provide opportunities to be involved in the community, which in turn, keeps us informed about community issues that we are then able to use to better assist our clients.  The network of people we meet, who come from all professions, helps us expand our network so that we may provide our clients with as much information as possible, whether they need legal help or some other type of assistance.