Colorado Skiers Face New Marijuana Rules

Ski Resorts May Not Allow Marijuana Use

Denver (AP) – Marijuana smokers could lose their ski passes or get a cold shoulder, depending on where they hit the slopes this winter.

The different enforcement policies add to the confusion that has followed Colorado’s legalization of recreational pot.

The Denver Post reports some ski resort may ask tokers to leave, another may call law enforcement and some will ignore it altogether.


But marijuana is legal, right?

While Colorado recently passed Amendment 64 legalizing recreational use of marijuana, the way in which that law will practically go into effect is a hot topic without a clear answer.  Marijuana is still an illegal substance under federal law.  Recreational marijuana use is limited to individuals over the age of 21.  There are still questions regarding public consumption of marijuana.  These issues are just the legal questions that loom.  These questions do not address potential concerns regarding the safety of a skier who may be impacted by smoking marijuana or the safety of other skiers.  For example, an analogy could be drawn to DUI law.  People who are over the age of 21 may legally smoke marijuana, but may not drive while their ability to do so is impaired.

The article above did not provide information as to the legal grounds  ski resorts may rely on in order to ask skiers to leave, but presumably attorneys have been consulted regarding the propriety of asking these individuals to leave.  It does not appear as though all ski resorts plan to prohibit the use of marijuana .