Chris Pine Pleads Guilty to DUI in New Zealand

American actor, Chris Pine, pled guilty to DUI in a New Zealand court today.  Pine was silent as his attorney entered the guilty plea on his behalf.  Pine was arrested on March 1 after he left a wrap party for his new movie.  Pine’s BAC was 0.110, which is over the legal limit for a DUI.  The legal limit in New Zealand is the same as the limit in Colorado, which is 0.08.

While the legal limit for a DUI appears to be the same in New Zealand as in Colorado, the consequences appear to be less severe in New Zealand than in Colorado.  Pine was sentenced to pay a fine of approximately $79 U.S. dollars and he will lose his driving privilege in New Zealand for six months.  In Colorado, the fines and court costs, even on a first time offense, will exceed $79.  In most instances, the court will sentence the driver to probation with alcohol classes and community service.  In addition, even a first time DUI is punishable by jail time.

As far as driving privileges are concerned, depending on the facts and circumstances of the case, Colorado may revoke driving privileges.  Pine may be leaving New Zealand, so losing his New Zealand driving privilege may not be an issue.  Colorado is a member of the interstate compact, which means that even if a person does not reside in Colorado, but is charged with a DUI in Colorado, there may still be an impact on the person’s driving privilege in their home state.