Choosing the Best DUI Attorney – Part 4

Today is the last installment of the series of posts about how to choose the best DUI attorney for you.  So far, we have focused on things that are directly related to the client, but there are people besides the client and defense attorney who are involved in the process.  The best DUI attorneys are professional and have a good working relationship with prosecutors and judges.


While many people may think of the best DUI attorneys being great trial lawyers (and this is no doubt important) another important part of a DUI attorney’s role is discussion.  The first avenue of discussion is perhaps the most obvious and that is discussion with the client to ensure the client is fully informed regarding his or her case.  The other avenues of discussion may be less obvious, but are equally as important.  Your attorney must have open discussion with the prosecution in the form of plea negotiations, discussion with the judge in the form of a sentencing argument or evidentiary arguments at trial and discussion with jury in the form of opening statement or closing argument should the case proceed to trial.

The best DUI attorneys are those attorneys that have a professional relationship with the prosecutors and judges.  That professionalism lends those attorneys credibility and allows for open discussion.  Dialogue between the defense and the prosecution or the judge frequently results in positive resolutions for clients.  Not unlike your first impression of an attorney, a jury will also have a first impression of your attorney.  Your attorney is reflection on you.  If your first impression of your attorney is that she is professional, credible and likeable, then, in all likelihood, a jury will feel the same way.

At Dahl, Fischer & Wilks, our attorneys have appeared in multiple jurisdictions, appearing in front of many different judges and negotiating with many different prosecutors.  Our attorneys have a reputation for being professional and credible.  The attorneys at Dahl, Fischer & Wilks believe it is important to remain professional while advocating on behalf of our clients.

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