Choosing the Best DUI Attorney – Part 1

Being charged with a DUI or DWAI is serious and unnerving. Finding the right DUI attorney for you can also be unnerving, but it does not have to be.  Please join us over the next week for helpful information and insight into what you should consider when deciding how to choose the best DUI attorney for you. We will post a new pointer for you every day this week.

Experience and Knowledge

It may seem obvious that if you have been charged with a DUI or DWAI you would want an attorney with experience defending DUI cases and knowledge of DUI law. Certainly, this is true, but there is more to this experience and knowledge than just trying a lot of cases or repeating a statute.

At Dahl, Fischer & Wilks, each of our attorneys has experience as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. You may wonder why it would be helpful to have an attorney with experience as a prosecutor. First, as former prosecutors, we have a tremendous amount of trial experience. Second, having experience prosecuting cases gives us a unique perspective on how to best defend your case. We know how prosecutors think and approach cases and we know those things that may be persuasive to a prosecutor to get the best resolution possible. This perspective, combined with our desire to zealously advocate for our clients, allows us to offer experience that is unique and beneficial to our clients.

Legal knowledge is not limited to knowledge of black letter DUI law. While the attorneys at Dahl, Fischer & Wilks can certainly tell you elements of a DUI, the legal definition of “under the influence” or the possible penalties for a DWAI, we can also provide you with knowledge that only comes with time and experience. We can answer questions for you such as, “when and where can I start my education classes?” and “what can I expect in Arapahoe County?”

When trying to find the best DUI attorney, be sure to consider experience and legal knowledge and don’t forget that experience isn’t limited to simply having tried a lot of cases and knowledge isn’t limited to recitation of the law.

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