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Our Mission Statement

Hello, If you know much about us, you probably know we grew up in the 90’s and often make pop culture references paying homage to that great decade, so here’s another – “The Things We Think And Do Not Say: The Future of Our Business” – Jerry Maguire.  This 1996 Cameron Crowe film tells the… Read more »

Mandatory Arrest in Domestic Violence Cases?

Do the police really have to arrest someone if there is a domestic violence allegation?  Based on the law, the police are never required to arrest anyone based on a mere allegation.  In order to arrest a person, police must either have a warrant or probable cause to believe a domestic violence based crime has… Read more »

Sealing of Records – Just Got Easier

Well, not “just.” In 2016 Colorado revised the statute that allows you to seal certain criminal records so they do not show up on background checks and you do not have to disclose them on job applications. This statute is CRS § 24-72-702.5 (2016) under the simplified procedure. If your case was dismissed, you were… Read more »

DUI Breath and Blood Testing and Refusals

Breath Tests, Blood Tests, and Refusals ​In Colorado, when you are stopped for suspicion of a DUI or DWAI, you are given two options under the Colorado Express Consent laws. You have the option of giving a sample of breath or blood and if you elect not to take either test, then you are deemed… Read more »

Extreme DUI Charge for NFL Player

Arizona DUI Law NFL wide receiver, Michael Floyd, was arrested for a DUI in Scottsdale, Arizona following the Arizona Cardinals loss to the Miami Dolphins last weekend.  Floyd was unconscious, sitting in his running car, when police initially contacted him. It took police multiple tries to wake him. Records released by police indicate Floyd’s BAC was… Read more »

Unethical Careless Driving Policy in Denver?

This fall the Denver Post obtained a memorandum distributed by the Denver City Attorney’s Office that instructed prosecutors to delay dismissal of non-provable careless driving cases.  When confronted about the policy, the City defended the policy, but also said they would be revising the memorandum.  It was recently confirmed by the Denver Post that the… Read more »

Aurora Public Defender's Office Beholden to the City – Conflict of Interest?

What is a Public Defender? Public Defenders are court appointed lawyers who represent defendants in criminal matters.  Public defenders are lawyers just like private lawyers,but are appointed to represent those who cannot afford representation of their own.  Defense attorneys have a responsibility to their clients to zealously advocate for their clients.  This is in direct… Read more »

Election 2016; Not Just for President

It is hard to forget that 2016 is a Presidential election year, but there are other important issues on the ballot as well, including judicial retention and local district attorney races. Local judges are appointed, so they are not voted into office, but once a judge is appointed, he or she must be retained by… Read more »