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Does It Matter If I Refuse a Test in a DUI Case?

Short Answer:  Yes, it does matter.  But why? Long Answer: Colorado law gives police officers permission to ask a person they suspect of driving under the influence to cooperate in the taking and completing of a blood or breath test to determine the driver’s BAC.  More importantly, once a police officer makes the request, as… Read more »

NFL Player in Hit & Run Had Revoked License

Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Terrell Suggs, pled not guilty to two misdemeanor charges: driving with a suspended license and hit and run.  Both charges carry possible jail time, but it is not mandatory.  Suggs reportedly caused some property damage but failed to stay on scene.  His license is allegedly suspended because of speeding tickets. Colorado’s laws… Read more »

DMV License Revocation Hearings

When a driver is arrested for DUI, police should give the driver an express consent advisement.  This advisement tells the driver that, by virtue of driving in Colorado, the driver has given his consent to take s blood or breath test to determine his or her BAC when police have probable cause to support the… Read more »