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Can the Police Search My Trash?

Trash: To Search or Not to Search. Here’s the scenario: you take your trash out to the curb every Monday and Wednesday night. Seems like a pretty innocuous chore, but weeks later you learn the police have been collecting and looking through your trash in order to obtain enough information to obtain a warrant for… Read more »

What is a Deferred Judgment?

A deferred judgment is a way to plea bargain a case that gives the defendant the opportunity to avoid a conviction for a crime so long as he or she successfully complies with terms and conditions of the deferred judgment.  If a deferred judgment agreement is reached, the judge will take a guilty plea to… Read more »

Ex El Paso County Sheriff Found Not Guilty

Terry Maketa, the former El Paso County Sheriff, stood trial in a Colorado Springs courthouse. Maketa was accused of using his power to punish employees and contractors with whom he disagreed.  He was also alleged to have persuaded a domestic violence victim to recant her story and she was subsequently arrested.  The alleged defendant in… Read more »

Unethical Careless Driving Policy in Denver?

This fall the Denver Post obtained a memorandum distributed by the Denver City Attorney’s Office that instructed prosecutors to delay dismissal of non-provable careless driving cases.  When confronted about the policy, the City defended the policy, but also said they would be revising the memorandum.  It was recently confirmed by the Denver Post that the… Read more »

Aurora Public Defender's Office Beholden to the City – Conflict of Interest?

What is a Public Defender? Public Defenders are court appointed lawyers who represent defendants in criminal matters.  Public defenders are lawyers just like private lawyers,but are appointed to represent those who cannot afford representation of their own.  Defense attorneys have a responsibility to their clients to zealously advocate for their clients.  This is in direct… Read more »

Cosby Felony Preliminary Hearing Begins …

Bill Cosby is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in his criminal case.  The hearing will begin Tuesday.  The purpose of a preliminary hearing is to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to keep the case moving forward.  A judge or magistrate will hear basic evidence and decide whether a minimum threshold has been met.  If… Read more »

Risk Reward of Police Body Cameras

Discussion about police body cameras is on the rise in the wake of incidents involving police misconduct.  Body cameras are not required, but more and more officers are wearing them.  Footage captured on the cameras protects citizens from police misconduct and protects officers from allegations of misconduct. But a recent investigative report on the Today… Read more »

Incarceration Rates High in U.S.

The White House recently released a study that suggests the mass incarceration that occurs in the U.S. is not having its intended effect.  While the U.S. population accounts for about 5% of the world population, the American inmate population accounts for about 25% of the total worldwide inmate population.  Recognition of this fact, coupled with… Read more »