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Court This Week

Dahl, Fischer & Wilks assists clients with cases throughout the Denver metro area. We also have a Colorado Springs office. We enjoy spending time in court because when we are in court, we observe the judges and prosecutors. These observations help us better serve our clients because we are better able to predict how a… Read more »

Court This Week

The courts are closed on Monday, but we will make up for it the rest of the week.  Not often, but occassionally, officers write tickets or summons with a court appearance date that falls on a date when the courts are closed.  When this happens, people wonder what they should do about their court date…. Read more »

Court This Week

Our attorneys practice throughout the Denver metro area.  This includes Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson counties.  We also have the opportunity to practice in jurisdictions that are a little further away, like this week when we are scheduled in Weld County.  Many cities have their own municipal courts and we defend cases in… Read more »

Court This Week

We are scheduled to be in trial in Douglas County this week.  Jury trials in Douglas County Court and Arapahoe County Court typically take two days to try.  County court trials in Denver, Jefferson and Adams counties typically take one day to try.  Jury trials are made up of various parts:  jury selection, opening statement,… Read more »

Court This Week

Do you know the difference between Municipal Court and State Court?  The most important difference is the level of offense handled in each court.  Municipal courts handle municipal or city law violations, whereas state courts handle state law violations.  State law violations are generally considered more serious.  State law violations are misdemeanors and felonies. There… Read more »

Court This Week

We have multiple motions hearings this week.  What is a motions hearing?  When a case gets set for trial, it also gets set for a hearing before the trial date so that the judge can rule on any motions filed by either the prosecution or the defense.  Motions are basically requests being made by either… Read more »

Where Are We In Court?

Our attorneys appreciate the significance of hiring a lawyer.  If you have been charged with a crime, whether it is a traffic ticket or a felony, having a knowledgable lawyer by your side is important.  It is important that the attorney you  choose is not only skilled in the law, but also a good match… Read more »

Court This Week – DUI Conference

We have two jury trials set this week.  One in Denver Municipal Court for violation of a protection order.  The other is a DUI case in Douglas County.  At the end of the week, we are attending the annual DUI Conference in Breckenridge.  The conference is two days.  Topics of discussion include changes in the… Read more »

Court This Week – Municipal Jury Trial

We are scheduled to be in trial again this week.  This time we have a municipal case set for trial Westminster.  Did you know that in municipal court, unlike state or federal court, you must make a specific request for a jury trial and pay a separate jury trial fee?  The jury trial request must… Read more »

Come See Us In Arapahoe County

Our attorneys will be in court a lot the beginning part of this week.  We have pretrial conferences in many of the courtrooms in Arapahoe County.  The types of cases we are defending vary from DUI to misdemeanor domestic violence to child abuse to felony level assault. We will be appearing in divisions 306, 408,… Read more »