Felony DUI Law Goes Into Effect

This spring Colorado enacted a felony DUI law.  The law makes a 4th DUI or DWAI a class 4 felony punishable by up to 6 years prison and/or a $500,000 fine.  Colorado was in the minority before passing the law.  DUI’s and DWAI’s, regardless of how many prior convictions a driver had, were misdemeanors punishable… Read more »

Rachael Ray Tries DUI Tests

Rachael Ray, a celebrity cook with her own television show, tried to perform roadside maneuvers on her show and was not able to do them very well.  Roadside tests are given to people suspected of DUI.  The officer had her do the horizontal gaze nystagmus test, which is an eye test, and part of the… Read more »

Court This Week

We are scheduled to be in trial in Douglas County this week.  Jury trials in Douglas County Court and Arapahoe County Court typically take two days to try.  County court trials in Denver, Jefferson and Adams counties typically take one day to try.  Jury trials are made up of various parts:  jury selection, opening statement,… Read more »

Ty Lawson Arrested for 2nd DUI

Denver Nuggets player, Ty Lawson, was arrested in Los Angeles for suspicion of DUI.  He was arrested in Denver for a DUI in January.  He posted a $1500 bond on his Denver case and he was out on bond when he picked up the new arrest.  Conditions of his bond are no alcohol consumption, monitored… Read more »

DMV License Revocation Hearings

When a driver is arrested for DUI, police should give the driver an express consent advisement.  This advisement tells the driver that, by virtue of driving in Colorado, the driver has given his consent to take s blood or breath test to determine his or her BAC when police have probable cause to support the… Read more »

Can an overly aggressive attorney be a detriment?

Clients often ask, “Will you represent me aggressively?” or “Would you consider yourself an aggressive attorney?” as if the only correct answer is “Of course!” We understand the desire to find an aggressive attorney and the misconceptions that have led most to believe that aggression wins cases, but both our professional experience and statistics have… Read more »

Most DUI Arrests in Denver

DUI patrols will be increased this weekend because of the Fourth of July holiday.   Project Know ran a study calculating DUI arrests in Colorado.  Colorado ranks third among the states for the number of annual DUI arrests, behind only North and South Dakota.  In particular, Denver has a large number of DUI arrests. Westword recently ran… Read more »

New DUID Study About Marijuana

A recent study suggests that drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana has a more negative impact on a person’s ability to drive than just one or the other.  But this seems logical.  Maybe of greater importance, the study also suggests what defense attorneys have argued regarding marijuana use and driving.  People who regularly smoke marijuana are… Read more »

Court This Week

Do you know the difference between Municipal Court and State Court?  The most important difference is the level of offense handled in each court.  Municipal courts handle municipal or city law violations, whereas state courts handle state law violations.  State law violations are generally considered more serious.  State law violations are misdemeanors and felonies. There… Read more »